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Think Acupuncture, Think Blue Lotus

First and Only One

Nepal's First and Only One Acupuncture Hospital

Blue Lotus is Nepal’s first and only one acupuncture hospital till date. Led by Nepal’s first acupuncture specialist, Dr. Suraj Karmacharya, along with a team of acupuncture specialists.

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Best Physiotherapy Hospital In Nepal


Restore and Maintain Patient's Mobility

In Blue Lotus Hospital, physiotherapy treatment is provided by group of physiotherapy specialists using latest technology.

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Best Place for Panchakarma


Based on Ayurvedic Principles

A Natural and Authentic process of Detoxification and Cleansing.

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Blue Lotus Hospital
Blue Lotus Hospital
Team – 42 1

Dr. Suraj Karmacharya

BAMS, MD (Acupuncture)

icon – 2About Blue Lotus Hospital

Nepal's First and Only One Acupuncture Hospital till Date

Blue Lotus hospital, the first and only one acupuncture based hospital till date, has been providing world class acupuncture service by Nepal’s first acupuncture specialist and his well experienced practitioners since its inception. Beside the specialized acupuncture, Blue Lotus has been contributing quality service of integrated therapies like modern physiotherapy, ayurved, panchakarma and many more. It has been curing over 300 types of diseases through advanced techniques of acupuncture.

icon – 2Our Services

Our services

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Nepal's first and only one acupuncture hospital till date.

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Personalized care with modern technology.

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Detoxification and rejuvenation therapy used in Ayurveda

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Served by registered ayurved physicians for best cure.

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With aim to provide healthy care... Explore All Services

icon – 2Why Choose Us

We Are Always Cautious For Your Health


Only One Acupuncture Based Hospital

It is Nepal's only one acupuncture specialised hospital till date .


Served Only by Registered Doctors

All our doctors are experienced and certified consultants .


Cure Naturally with No Side Effect

We practice modern technique for treatment with zero side effect.


Branches in Valley


Years of Experience


Medical Professionals


Satisfied Patients

icon – 2Expert doctors

Meet our professional Doctors

Team – 30

Dr. Suraj Karmacharya

BAMS, MD (Acupuncture)
Team – 18 1

Dr. Prashidha Khadgi

MD (Acupuncture)
Team – 14 1

Dr. Ishwar Gyawali

Team – 17 1

Dr. Prashanna Tiwari

BAMS MD (Acupuncture)
Team – 22 1

Dr. Sirju Katuwal

Physiotherapist (MPT)
Team – 16 1

Dr. Kashi Khatiwada

BAMS, MD (Acupuncture)
Team – 31

Dr. Purnima Ghising

Team – 15 1

Dr. Kamal Sharma

BAMS, MD (Acupuncture)
Team – 20 1

Dr. Monika Das


Working Hours

Feel Free to book your zero hassle Appointment.

Sunday - Friday:7am - 6pm

Saturday (Tripureshwaor Branch):9am - 12pm

Saturday (Other Branch):Closed

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Book an Appointment

    icon – 2Work Process

    Let’s See The Work Procedure

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    Patient Registration

    The first step in our process is to welcome our patients and fill the registration form .

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    Once the patient is examined in healthcare professional conduct a thorough evaluation.



    Get Report

    Analyzing the result of diagnostic tests & incorporating them into the diagnosis.



    Ongoing Care

    Our commitment to our patient extend beyond the initial visit , we ensure continuity of care.

    icon – 2Faqs

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Blue Lotus Hospital offers varieties of treatment methods like acupuncture, physiotherapy, panchakarma, cupping, moxibustion, agnikarma, and many more depending on diagnosis and history to cure the disease.

    It depends on the types of treatment. However, our cost is very affordable based on the service we provide.

    You can book the appointment by calling the respective branch. You can get the contact number and other details from the contact section.

    Team – 11
    icon – 2TESTIMONIALS

    What Our visitors Say?


    " Blue lotus is one of the best hospitals in Kathmandu valley for the treatment of sciatica and back pain. I got fully cured from my back and joint pain through acupuncture, physiotherapy and other treatment. Patient caring culture and effectiveness of treatment are highly appreciated. "

    saroj suwal

    Saroj Suwal


    “In order to search the best acupuncture hospital to treat my knee pain, I got touched to Blue Lotus Hospital, Chuchchepati branch. After having combined treatment of acupuncture and panchakarma, it got fully healed. I strongly recommend you this hospital. ”

    Bishnu pathak

    Prof. Dr. Bishnu Pathak


    " In just 10 days, Blue Lotus Hospital worked wonder for me. Their personalized care, warm hospitality and effective treatment completely relief my back pain. One of the best hospitals in Kathmandu valley. Highly recommended! . "

    puspa bakhunchhe

    Puspa Bakhunchhe


    "I was sorrowing from headache/migraine along with shoulder and back pain. Blue Lotus Hospital’s combined treatment of some days fully rescued me from all these problems. I am fully satisfied with the services and hospitality. Strongly endorse to visit once. "

    Dilli Regmi

    Dilli Regmi